Friday, January 27, 2012

Under These Acacia Trees...

Just a quick updating sort of blog ---
my head and heart are over flowing, it's best to let them flow out so i have space for more to come in and teach me. I need that space -- i have much still to learn.

We are needing to head out the door in moments - headed to Tumaini today -- to see "our" kids there.  We carry bags of gifts to them from many of you who love them as well. It is sure to be a sweet day with God in the middle of the moments.

Yesterday, Steve and i purposed to take the entire day to stay put --- giving us time to process, pray, ponder, pray, talk, pray, and just "be still and know" that our God is over all. We pleaded with God yesterday to not allow us to miss what HE has planned -- may our thoughts be put to the side, may His thoughts and plans prevail.
"Lean on, trust in, have confidence in the Lord with all your heart and mind. And do not rely on your own insight or understanding".  Proverbs 3:5

It takes intentionality to die to self each and every day. "He must increase, i must decrease." John 3:30 But dieing to self is not enough --- He must increase --- for in God's hands - always --- when something dies, much more is produced. So may more of God's goodness be seen as we choose to decrease ourselves in His hands.

The day before, we drove north to Kwambakenya to visit a community where we will be working. Perched at the base of the beautiful Aberdare Mountains; there it feels like you can step back in time to a simpler time. A place where my Papa James would have fit in perfectly. They turn the soil to grow their food, they milk their cows to feed their children. They walk on red dirt trails that weave and meander between fences made from sticks and wire. It's a beautiful, enchanting sort of place. But just under the surface of it's beauty are single mothers doing the work of 4 women to care for their children. A school with glowing faces beaming from the windows and waving hands of welcome plunging through each and every opening. It's a place where beauty overcomes pain ---- God is seen, but suffering has not been defeated.  We sat and talked with the head school master who is also a local Pastor. A tall man with a genuinely kind face, we talked together of why Steve and i will be found walking in his community and hopefully teaching the "flock" of followers he has been given charge over. He dropped his head as we shared our hearts desire to encourage husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the Church and wives to respect their husbands, laying down their hidden tools of manipulation. Tools that destroy rather than grow. He was deeply sincere as he responded with words of welcome and appreciation. "The men here need to know what God says to them, we need help to understand and encouragement to obey". Amen! God --- may we carry your love and truth with us. May the men and women here receive a softening in their hearts for you and your ways.

It all seems far too big.
It is for us.
It is NOT too big for our mighty God.
It is His.
We are His.
May He increase --- may we decrease.

I must run now --- our driver is here. We have far to go --- and another house to look at before we head to the mountains to see "our" kids.

"May the God of Hope, fill you with joy and peace, as you trust in HIM. So that you may be filled to overflowing --- by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

Yes Lord, could we carry Your Hope in us so that is splashes over onto all who come near us --- and may joy and peace be what remains after we have gone because of your touch in the moments and your blessing on the words. All this --- because of you and your goodness --- and your powerful love. We ask this because we need this --- in Jesus' Name. Amen

©2012 Donna Taylor/Reaching for the Robe

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  1. Donna~Thank you for sharing these heartfelt words of wisdom and encouragement in your blogs. Our Heavenly Father is using them to "show" my heart some precious things....He's such a wonderful teacher! He knows I'm a visual He's allowing me to take a peek into the heart of one of His beautiful examples! Continued blessings to you and yours, my dear sister in Christ~Gina