Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The little light...

It sits silently beside the roaring ocean under an enveloping sky. It's tiny, unnoticed by most everyone who passes by it. There is a path beside it, that offers a smooth walkway to the waters beside it, but those who walk on the path will most likely not notice it; the tiny light beside the noisy waves.
To miss the small messenger would be all too easy.

But all day long as the sun shines down, the light is being fed. And all day long while the waves beat the shore and the coastal breezes blow, the light holds tightly to the place where it has been placed. And in doing so, the light is fully prepared to do what it is designed to do; shine when darkness comes.

I'm envious of the little light, not in a sinful sort of way, but rather in a "oh what a sweet place to be" sort of way. This little light overlooks the shores of Rosarito Beach, with a mountain island in its view and a majestic sky overhead. Nothing is expected of this little light, except --- that it light the pathway when darkness comes. The views that it enjoys each and every day are magnificent, the quiet droning of the waves a constant reminder of a great, huge, good God.
The light from the sun will feed the little light beside the waters all throughout the day. The little light doesn't do anything to acquire the energy to glow in the darkness, other than receive its power from the sun overhead.

We are fashioned to be like the little light. There is no need to be envious, for we/i are much like the little light.
We are designed to draw strength from the Son. His power can and will flow through us, lighting the path for both ourselves and for those around us. We simply need to sit still with Him. If the little light by the sea did not sit still under the sun, it would not have the power to shine when darkness comes.

And so it is with us.

If we do not sit still with the Son, we will not have the power to shine when darkness comes.
(oh we might "endure" the darkness, but will we  have the ability to shine)

The little light by the sea is so peaceful.
I know it is a simple stick of bamboo with a solar light atop it, stuck into a flowerpot on a patio at the Robinson's beach home. But isn't it beautiful how a silent tiny object can remind my soul of a monumental truth ---- a truth that in the busyness of life, can too easily be forgotten.

We are tiny.
We have been placed by the Father above.
He will pour out His power on us, He will strengthen us.
He is always over us, we are not alone.

The vast world around us makes us look insignificant, but we are not. We are called to do one thing. Shine where we have been placed with the light that comes from our Father.

I'm reminded --- the little light does not yell to those passing by, it gives no commands or requirements of those who walk near it. It is not called to orchestrate the waves it overlooks, organize the sunset it witnesses each evening, or direct the activities of those on the path beside it. It is simply called to shine when darkness comes.

Yes - we have many tasks we must accomplish each day, we can not and should not ignore the realities of being productive and beneficial in the world where we have been placed.

But why is it that we can all too easily forget to sit under the Son and get our strength from Him.
That would be the clever plan of the darkness, the dark one, the enemy of the sun, the enemy of the Son; to keep us too busy --- to sit with the Son and be strengthened.

I love the bold reminder the little, quiet light beside the sea shares with my soul.

I am tiny - I have been placed by my Father - He will pour out His power on me if I will sit in His Light - He will never leave me. Without Him, i can not shine. With Him, i can.

"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all." 1 John 1:5

(photo taken at Rosarita Beach, Mexico)

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