Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pure white forgiveness...

My small part of the world is covered in white pureness. It’s mesmerizing. I know our friends to the north enjoy it every year, but for those of us in Georgia, this is a treat, a gift, a chance to think on things not so common to our world.

We might get a couple of inches of snow each winter --- not enough to cover everything. But this snow – has covered everything. And oddly enough, it has spoken to my soul.

And so as I woke yesterday morning, to this wintry world of white -- I pondered ---

The snow that covers the ground --- fell one flake at a time --- and blanketed the dirt of our little world with pure whiteness.

The blood of our Savior ---- fell one drop at a time --- and covered the sins of our lives with pure white forgiveness.

Oh how the pureness of the snow draws my soul to the purity of our Savior.

It doesn’t matter how dirty the ground is underneath the snow. Whether it’s slippery mud or rocky terrain – the snow has completely covered it.
It may be hard smooth concrete that is swept daily and kept clean by the sure wisp of a broom, still, the snow has covered it over.
It may be the dog’s favorite laying spot on the lawn, where he keeps his favorite chew toys and makes a mess of things, the snow has covered it over.
It may be the compost pile at the edge of the yard, where decaying foliage, broken eggshells, and rotting fruit peels are wasting away, the snow has completely covered it.

It’s a visual picture of the spiritual reality of our Father’s love for us isn’t it?

Mistakes made that left life in shambles, He covers them over with His grace.
Poor decisions that led to much pain, He covers them over with His love.
Dirty life messes made in our attempts to do it our own way, apart from Him -- He covers, forgives, and is even willing to restore, if we ask Him.

The snow covering my world this morning stirs my soul to thank my Abba. For yes, He is that mighty in my life. Where I have made a mess, He covers it with His goodness.
That does not mean the consequences vanish. No – the results of my choices must be dealt with. But instead, it means that Christ’s gift on the cross has saved me from paying the full penalty of my sins. Oh how undeserving I am. Oh how Holy He is.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the white wonderland.  I laid down in that beautiful snow ---- made snow angels --- and thanked my Father once again, for his pure white forgiveness. There’s something childlike and very right about laying in the snow, resting in it’s softness, facing the sky above --- laying in the white snow forced my eyes to look UP.

We grown-ups spend too much time looking around for something we think we need or looking down to watch where we are going. Looking for our keys, or shoes, or children, we’re so focused.  Yesterday the simplicity of laying in the pure white snow and looking up – gave new perspective. As I waved my arms and moved my legs in the powdery gift of whiteness, I stayed my eyes on what was above. And I felt like a child again ---- His child. It felt so right.

The snow --- fell one flake at a time --- and has blanketed the dirt with pure whiteness.

My Savior’s blood ---- fell one drop at a time --- and covered my sins with pure white forgiveness.

Oh how the pureness of the snow draws my soul to the purity of my Savior.

"Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Isaiah 1:18

(photo by Maggie, of one of Steve's doves)


  1. LOVE your musings on the snow, purity, forgiveness and the pix perfectly portrays what you've written. Keep sharing your good thoughts with us Donna.

  2. This spoke to me so much today in the midst of everyone complaining about having "cabin fever"-so refreshing to pause and think on these words! Thank you for always allowing God to speak through you to others!

  3. this post reminds me of a song i sang in youth group, back in the day, called "it's snowing again". through the amazing world of youtube, here's the link where you can listen to it:


    great words that i think align with your thoughts.