Wednesday, October 17, 2012

With all Creation i sing -- Praise to the King of Kings

Driving on a grey, yellow lined, asphalt ribbon guarded by walls of massive, silent trees it all began to feel overwhelmingly Holy.

Sometimes we look for those moments, right? We are almost expectant of them during those quiet times with Bibles in our laps or prayers on our lips --- looking for that holy wind, fire etched, that will make "normal" matter or painful bearable.

Then there are those surprising times when... it arrives completely unexpectedly...

Steve and i were driving from Mammoth Springs to Old Faithful Geyser park in Yellowstone. For two days we had taken in God's showcases in northwestern Wyoming. We were spoiled rotten over it all.
With the cool wind blowing around us under the deep-sea-blue sky, surrounded by tall green-limbed red-trunked Ponderosa Pines ---- we were like children in church, certain we were in a place that deserved our respect and reverence; in a place that silently spoke of power and majesty and ----- grace.
Why would i say grace? Because, we were being given something much greater than what we knew ourselves to be deserving of.

And two thoughts struck me:
Everything around me had been made by the Creator (excluding the road under us and the car carrying us)
All this great creation was visibly worshipping the One who had created it.
The handiwork of God and the worshipping of God was boldly displayed all around me --- and my soul was resonating with it all
"High heavens, sing! God has done it.
Deep earth, shout! And you mountains sing!
A forest choir of oaks and pines and cedars!
God has redeemed. God's glory is on display..." Isaiah 44:23 (the Message)

God made the trees ---
they stood tall and unashamed as they held their many arms up, reaching towards the One who created them, and pouring all their attention in His direction. They worship well --- silently --- unwaveringly even as they bend with the wind.
They are models of worship ---- we people could learn much from them.
No comments from the many who observe them can alter the focus of their adoration. None of their limbs turn inward or downward --- no matter the angle a witness  takes view of them will their armlike limbs be found doing anything other than lifting upwards and reaching for the Heavens.
As the clarity of their worship registered in my distracted human mind ---- i realized --- i was surrounded by soul-less beings that do a much better job of worshiping than the soul-filled daughter observing them. My shame was touched by grace and i felt completely loved in the midst of the great host of worshiping woods.
God made the mountains ---
those mighty warrior like, immovable monuments, each one sloping upwards to a peak that pointed Heavenward. They had been placed by God and designed by Him to majestically lean upward. If we want to see the mountains peak, we simply MUST raise our eyes towards Heaven. Those mountains spoke of elite power and unalterable devotion. They worshipped in silent authority, just as they have for millions of years. They will remain diligently pointing Heavenward in their silent worship until their maker chooses otherwise.

I remained silent -- sharing none of this with my Steve --- we rode on to the land of geysers. Walking for hours among the water spouts ---- we sat and watched Old Faithful diligently do his best to reach the blue of the sky with the waters he had gathered deep below him. We walked on to Grand Geyser and sat waiting for the show of spewing water and steamy release. It came at the predicted time, shooting water so high into the sky it looked like diamonds falling back to the ground in the light of the evening sun. We were awed, silent --- like those little children again --- knowing we were in the presence of Greatness. Scientific minds around us spoke of the geological details, our hearts knew the truth of the matter. God and only God controlled the heated cracks below us that held back molten magma and sent showers of water and steam instead.

Later that evening as we drove back through the winding roads leading us out of the park i thanked God for the great teachers of worship i had witnessed that day. The geysers did not care if we were there or not ---- they did one thing and they did it with purpose. They reached as high as they could and pointed everyone's eyes UP. They worshipped with all their strength and would not be hindered or distracted by anything or anyone.
They were beautiful and spectacular ---- even those who do not know the Father, were still moved to look Heavenward when the geysers reached for Him.

The trees, the mountains, the geysers, the birds, even the elk and buffalo ---- everything made by God seemed oblivious to the men who gawked at them. They each had a visible reminder pointing towards the One who made them.  The trees reached upwards, the mountains pointed Heavenward, the geysers raised their waters to Him, the birds sang for Him, and the elk and buffalo even sported antlers and horns that pointed upwards. They all seemed to do it much better than we soul-bearers do. With our arms hanging down and our eyes gazing at each other or the ground --- nothing about us points or reaches upward in a moment by moment sort of way visible way.
Soul-less --- they praise.
Soul-filled --- we have much to learn.

The rocks around us were silent. Nothing about the rocks reached Heavenward. But i remembered full well the scriptures ---

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40

"If they keep quiet..."... we are the "they" ----

may we learn from the soul-less ones around us as our Lord teaches us to worship Him.

I'm learning Lord --- I'm listening ---- may i not be concerned with what those passing nearby might think, but may i hold my hands high to you just as surely as the great ponderosa pines and may i reach to you fully with all that is within me just as surely as the powerful geysers. May my soul reach upwards just as surely as the elks antlers and may my songs be for you alone just as sweetly as the bird's.
Thank you for teaching us, even with the soul-less reminders.

For as long as i'm breathing --- may the stones remain silent...

"Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing
Praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything
And I will adore You."
(Revelation Song)

©2012 Donna Taylor/Reaching for the Robe

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  1. having walked to these same sites 13 years ago, i can see in my mind's eye what you saw and remember how i felt after 8 hours immersed in beauty at that amazing place.

    this post is a great reminder that all creation testifies to its Creator by its existence. what does my life say? looking forward to seeing the stars tonight as they "pour forth speech".